My First YouTube Video: Quick Breakfast Oats!

Guess what? I’m officially on YouTube! What better way to share my love for food and style other than through videos? I felt the need to be more interactive with you guys and I think YouTube is the best platform for that. So, I decided to share this simple oat recipe that is not only … Continue Reading


Pictures by DannySkech Culottes by Jadia Creations I know it’s a tad bit late for this, but, Happy New Year guys! So, some of you might have noticed the change in my username on Instagram . Well, for those that haven’t, I chose to re-brand from ThreadMuse to Sienna Barley. I had been thinking about my content for … Continue Reading

Flourless Banana Pancake!

I found myself craving for some homemade pancakes last weekend. Thing is, I wanted a healthy kind (because I tend to fall off the wagon and crave sweets during weekends). So I tried making some with the ingredients listed below. I used oats instead of regular wheat flour to help bind the mixture. I eventually had … Continue Reading

Video Tutorial: Tuna Pasta Salad!

This is undoubtedly one of my hubby’s favourite meals, not to mention how quick and easy it is to make- just check out the video tutorial! You can also play around with the ingredients to make it suitable to your preferences. Give it a go and let me know! Video by DannySkech Ingredients:  {Pasta, Scallions, … Continue Reading

Brioche- A breakfast soul food!

I’ve always loved the Brioche (pronounced brie-osh) served in Java restaurants as part of their breakfast menu. Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is basically an enriched  bread but with a high egg and butter content. It is so bread-y, hearty and yet so rich! So, I embarked on a journey to try recreate this … Continue Reading

Fish Salad!

 So yesterday I was having a chat with June, one of my girlfriends who has an amazing, toned body. I asked her advice on how to switch to a more healthy diet and she gave me the best advice ever! She told me that one of the best ways is slowly making the adjustment and … Continue Reading

Mama’s Patisserie!

  I cannot believe how fast the weekend has gone by, maybe because I have exams this week and I know how crazy this week is going to be… I had a brunch date with one of my girlfriends Christine at Mama’s at ABC, As much as I bake a lot, I still love going … Continue Reading

Carrot Cake Recipe!

   The cake, jacket potatoes (randomly put in to utilize the heat) and my thermometer    Always stick a toothpick in and if it comes out clean, the cake is ready!   Voila! This cake was easy to make. Anyone can make this just as long as you get your measurements right. Ingredients: 18 oz … Continue Reading

Red Velvet Cake Recipe!

  So I am a self confessed foodie trying to eat more healthy but one thing I promised myself was that I will not deny myself the things I love. I decided to make this red velvet cake for my hubby. My mum in law helped and it came out fantastic. I used a recipe … Continue Reading

Spurs Restaurant!

Hey guys, so sorry for the hiatus, been caught up with my temporary 9-5. I think I may have found a way of balancing the two so hopefully this works. Anyway, last Saturday, our good friend Tony took hubby and I for an early dinner at Spurs and it was AMAZING. Well for all the meat lovers out … Continue Reading