“Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action” – Empowered by Color I think red is one of those colors that everyone should have as part of their closet. Interestingly, red is one of those colors that easily borders the neutral spectrum.. not necessarily from its physical location on the … Continue Reading

Why I took a break

Hi everyone. It’s been a while. I’m sorry for just disappearing without an explanation. My husband and I decided to move to a farm around Eldoret to work on a project we had been discussing for some time. I needed time to move and settle down. I often visit Nairobi due to the nature of … Continue Reading

Sienna Barley x Jadia Creations #4!

Oh my! It’s been a minute. Apologies for my inconsistency. Today’s post is the last in this collaboration series with  Jadia Creations. I have always loved t-shirt dresses and I knew that I had to have one created in this series, but with a creative twist. I loved the high-low effect at the bottom and the bell … Continue Reading

Sienna Barley x Jadia Creations #3!

When I was working on these designs with Diana from Jadia, I definitely knew that I had to have an off-shoulder outfit somewhere in the mix. There’s something very flattering about off-shoulder outfits that just keeps winning (in my books anyway..). I also wanted to keep the length mid-calf so that I can increase the … Continue Reading

Sienna Barley x Jadia Creations #2!

As a follow up to my previous post, I loved how Jadia whipped out this skirt for me. I wanted something in a neutral color but with an interesting design, which would work for various occasions. It turned out amazing and just what I wanted! Jadia Creations has over 10 years of experience making one … Continue Reading

Sienna Barley x Jadia Creations #1!

Today’s post features a super exciting collaboration between myself and Jadia Creations! I met Diana (the founder of Jadia Creations) a couple of years back. We were neighbors and one day on my way to work, I bumped in to her outside her house. She was wearing a beautiful biker jacket made out of kitenge … Continue Reading


Pictures by DannySkech Culottes by Jadia Creations I know it’s a tad bit late for this, but, Happy New Year guys! So, some of you might have noticed the change in my username on Instagram . Well, for those that haven’t, I chose to re-brand from ThreadMuse to Sienna Barley. I had been thinking about my content for … Continue Reading

Cobalt Blue: The New Neutral #3

As I write this, we’re just 7 hours short of ushering the new year. As you countdown to 2018, I leave you with my top fifteen favourites from the 30 habits for happiness by Lewis Howes, that I hope will be useful to you in the new year: ♡ Be kind | ♡ Eat well | ♡ … Continue Reading

Cobalt Blue: The New Neutral #2

The post before last was the beginning of a three part series focusing on cobalt blue as a seasonal favourite. For today’s post, I went for a monochrome look by layering a sky blue top with the cobalt blue skirt. I love monochromed-inspired looks just because you can mix up different shades of the same colour and … Continue Reading

5 Skincare Favourites!

Today, I decided to share something a little different on the blog. I have been delving in to the world of makeup and I cannot wait to share what I have learnt so far. But first, I would like to talk about skin care. Thing is, it is important to ensure that your skin is … Continue Reading